Should Chelsea’s Loss to Wolves Be the End of Ancelotti?

With the 1-0 loss to Wolves just a few moments ago, Carlo Ancelotti’s job  is surely in serious doubt. The loss is certainly the nadir of a disastrous run of form that began months ago. If I’m realistic, at this point, the title is now out of our reach and a Top 4 spot is looking increasingly unlikely.

So should Carlo be given the sack? Before the match against Wolves I would have said no. But after the away loss to the bottom team on the league, my attitude has certainly changed. Now, I absolutely respect Carlo as a manager, but at this moment he seems to be doing nothing worth keeping his job. The side that played today was reminiscent of Ancelotti’s Milan side near the end of his tenure there. They were slow, unpassionate, and looked clueless in the final third. Wolves were everything that Chelsea should have been: strong, hardworking, and resilient. Given all this, I would say that Carlo should be given the sack. However, that would leave Chelsea with some very worrying questions.

If Carlo is sacked who can replace him? Sadly, I can’t think of a single quality manager that can replace him. We need a manager that can give the squad a huge reshuffle, phasing out players and bringing in quality new ones. We’ll see what happens in the net few days regarding Ancelotti…


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The End of the Van Der Sar Era

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the halfway point of the 2010-2011 EPL season. It’s time for United fans like me to come to the realization that our beloved Dutch netminder will be retiring come spring. Van Der Sar has been spectacular for us for the past six years and his presence will certainly be missed. United is already in the process of training Anders Lindegaard, a 26 year-old keeper from the Norwegian outfit Aalesund. He shows great mobility and reactions and looks to be an extremely promising young keeper. Granted, most of the shots he’s stopped have been from players in the Danish and Norwegian leagues, but during his international duty with Denmark he has made some extremely important and impressive saves, including shots from the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo (as you can see in the video). Lindegaard is just about to be eligible to play first-team matches with United in January, and hopefully Fergie will give him some chances to prove himself on less important occasions this season. His move to United begs the comparison between him and United legend (and fellow Dane) Peter Schmeichel, who was easily the Red Devils’ best keeper and arguably the greatest of all time to play the position. I’m not sure if Lindegaard will be the new #1 next season, or if Fergie decides to sign a keeper with more experience when the transfer window opens or next summer, but I can’t wait to see him in a United shirt. One thing’s for sure, he’ll have big gloves to fill.

Merry Christmas to all!

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What A Chelsea Fan Wants for Christmas…

In honor of the Holiday season and with Christmas only days away, I thought it appropriate to unveil my Chelsea wish list to Santa Claus. He may wear red, but I’m quite sure he’s a blue through and through.

1. A Healthy Frank Lampard. It certainly wasn’t a coincidence that our form seemed to slip up during the absence of Lampard. His dynamic midfield play and consistency in finding the back of the net was sorely missed and now that he is seemingly back to fitness, we’ll need him to be at the top of his game if we have a chance of competing for the title this year.

2. A Rejuvenated Didier Drogba. Drogba hasn’t been himself in awhile. With some tricky upcoming matches against Arsenal, Man United, and Spurs, he needs to be back to his best, especially scoring goals from open play. I have a hunch the match at the Emirates will be exactly what he needs, eh goonsquak?

3. Better Performances and More Playing For Youngsters. We have some great potential coming through our ranks and what they need is more first team opportunities. I’d like to see Daniel Sturridge, Gael Kakuta, and of course McEachran get more playing time. Also, Ramires has to step up his game before he becomes a quick flop.

4. An End to the Ancelotti Quit Saga. For the past few weeks, because of our current form, the British media has come up with some rumors about Ancelotti being fired or some dressing room unrest. Frankly, I don’t believe any of it. Once our form picks back up, the rumors will end.

5. A Central Defender. This season, our defense has shown its holes (a certain game at home against Sunderland). Ancelotti has made it clear that players will most likely be bought in January. I’m interested in someone like Simon Kjaer (whose been at Wolfsburg for about six months), Neven Subotic (who Dortmund won’t want to sell with a Bundesliga title in their sights), Gary Cahill, or Phil Jones (who just had knee surgery).

6. A Center Forward. Didier Drogba, at 32, and Nico Anelka, at 31, aren’t really options for the future and I doubt Sturridge’s ability as a center forward. Some names that I think would fit well into the team are Andy Carroll (the chance of Newcastle selling their prized asset are slim), Eden Dzeko (Wolfsburg want a lot of cash and he’s apparently interested in going to City), or Romelu Lukaku (who has expressed his desire to stay in Belgium to finish him footballing education).

Merry Christmas to All!

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Goodbye Glazers?

As I’m sure many of you know by now, rumors have surfaced that Manchester United’s ownership may change hands in the near future. Apparently, the Qatari royal family is showing heavy interest in the club, looking to buy it for a reported 1.5 billion pounds. Now I’m sure anyone who’s reading this is thinking what I’m thinking: Haven’t I seen this before, on the other side of Manchester? You’re right, and it’s a comparison I absolutely shudder to make.

Since the purchase of Man Shitty by Sheikh Mansour (a member of Abu Dhabi’s ruling family) money has been pumped into the club in an inhuman fashion. Star players have been bought left and right. Although, admittedly, their position on the table has improved, better performances in fixtures have not been the only result of the takeover. City’s locker-room troubles have been well-documented, due to the fact that there is too much star power at the club, and everyone on the squad has been used to regular playing time and, in most cases, starting eleven spots at their previous clubs. Too much emphasis has been placed on buying outside players, and not enough on development of younger players within Eastlands.

A Qatari takeover at Old Trafford could be a good thing, as long as it isn’t modeled after the Citizens. The family needs to allow Fergie to develop the squad through his tried and tested method: Buying younger, less expensive players that show promise and developing them into stars while simultaneously promoting development of the Academy and Reserves teams. His vision has resulted in the development of Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Gary Neville, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and, most recently,  Javier Hernandez (just to name a few) into world-class footballers. Fergie shies away from buying superstars at the peaks of their careers (a la Real Madrid or Man Shitty) and it is extremely important that, no matter who takes the club over from the Glazers, he is not forced to do so. If this is the case, then new ownership could help wipe out the massive debt the Glazers have so kindly left us with, and help promote player development and scouting even further, which is a Christmas gift I’m sure all Red Devils fans would be happy to receive.

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As the cards play

Just a shout out to Man Crappy for blowing their chance to top the league because of their special no snow game.Highlights here

(  Tim Cahill doing work for my fantasy squad wrapping up 26 points! Yet I can’t top the table because I can’t beat “the blue” . Well I’m looking foward to the boxing day matches and heres to the gunners hopefully finally beating a big team, though I think Drogs will kill us

-the Gun (thegoonsquak)

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